Do you know smartwatches are great? They are important piece of innovative gadgets that compliment smartphones. Imagine doing so much with a wrist watch, and having a personal companion that you can access anytime of the day.

There are several companies that have ventured into the smartwatch line of business, this include Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Other little OEM’s have built smartwatches from ground up, though limited by their mediocre software.

Health-wise, these little devices can check your heart-rate, and even blood pressure. Conventional smartwatches are used to check calories and assist in burning calories by using a step counter algorithm built into the software.

In terms of connectivity, normal smartwatches can connect using Bluetooth to any smartphone, but going a bit further with high end smartwatches, you can even establish “internet of things” to make things more rigid. This means that aside smartphones, you can use your smartwatch to connect and control things like your A.C, refrigerators, television and lots more.

A lot of people have jumped into the smartwatch niche and it appears it will be a bigger success than the tablets which appeared to have fizzled out as more people are no longer interested with larger size display that is not as powerful as average PC’s. While tablets have fizzled out, smartphones continue to grow with impressive numbers year after year.

This is where smartwatches have gathered momentum, because they could act on their own and also become personal companions. They are smart, handy, and does a good job. You can even use them for navigation, and a host of other things that you can think about.

Indeed, smartwatches have come to stay and their evolvement can only be better because it changes the way we interact with watches and just a tool for checking time. Smartwatches have brought in a whole new wave of experience with watches and it’s a good thing!

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