scared of intruders and possible armed robbery attack?

use this unique and powerful and Portable solar security light to stop intruders and possible armed robbers in their tracks... by taking them unware with sudden bright light that disorganizes them!

Motion Detector – Solar System For 24/7 Light – Extremely Bright Light That Scares Intruders Away

what happens to your surroundings at night when your generator is off and no nepa light?

Due to the epileptic power supply in our dear country, most people in Nigeria turn off their generators before going to sleep at night.

Their surroundings are thrown into darkness and security becomes lower which puts their homes at the risk of intruders and increases their chances of being attacked.

But what if there was an eye that watches over your surrounding at night and scare intruders and potential criminals away?

That’s where our brilliant solution comes in to the rescue. We understand that home security is essential, hence, the reason why we created the Aptus Solar Security Light…


It’s the perfect solution for you if you can’t afford to run your generator all night long and still want to scare intruders away from your surroundings.


Aptus Solar Security Light is an intelligent device designed to secure your surroundings as its in-built motion detector automatically brightens the solar LED lights when it detects movement in the dark.

why people love aptus solar security light?

super user-friendly and easy to install. no electrician needed

Aptus Solar Security Light is easy to use. You do not have to worry about switching it off during the day or turning it on at night as it automatically does so for you.

This device is also easy to install. It comes with a bracket that can be mounted anywhere: gardens, gates, fences, pathways, door entrance, camping, hotels, religious centres, dustbin area, and more.

How To Get Your Own Supply Of the aptus solar security light?

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*4 Kits - N56,000

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Got questions? We’ve got answers

Aptus security solar light measures approximately 16-inches in height and 4-inches in width. This solar light uses a new lumens technology, that makes it very powerful. It is portable, durable but very powerful. 

Our security solar light is 100% water resistant. The device is designed to resist any form of adverse weather conditions and yes, it will work under the sun and under the rain.

Enjoy the leading security solar light with 66 LED and 100 watt of power, paired with 1000 lumens and 5000mah battery capacity. The solar light is energy saving and enviromental friendly. It often described by our customers as “small but mighty.”

No, you don’t need to worry about any of those things. Our security solar light comes with it’s on hinges that you can fasten to the device and screw or nail to your walls, fences or anywhere suitable for your home. You also do not need an electrician, it is super easy to install and use every day.


If you can’t run your generator all through the night and you’re not sure of NEPA light, then this light is a must for you. Stop intruders and possible criminals in their tracks before they do serious damage.
We guarantee 100% replacement if the device is faulty and your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the product. However, this is only applicable if the issue is not from you

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